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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works"
Steve Jobs

Facebook Fan Pages

Connect to new and relevant customers with your customized fan page

Our custom Fan Pages are very effective as it is a medium of communication between your company and its consumers, and the best part is that it is target and niche oriented. Facebook Fan Page is used to announce new services, promote products and most importantly to get real time feedback from consumers. This means you can now interact with only relevant customers for your business and generate valuable leads.

Fan Pages are a great way to mix and interact with people who are interested in your company and its services.

Our Fan Page designs can be safely termed as a one page website of your company on the Facebook platform. We add life to your Fan Page and customize it to so that the Fan Page looks engaging, interactive and attractive.

Facebook Connect API Development

Facebook Connect  lets you integrate your website to the Facebook network which means that millions of users will easily become your potential target audience. No other medium exposes you to millions of possible customers such as Facebook.

We help you connect your site to Facebook swiftly and securely. We have complete expertise to link any part of your website, which would allow your customers to login to Facebook page through your website. This makes data flow between your website and Facebook page and applications easiest and quickest.

In this way Marcom Technologies ensures that your website remains connected to Facebook and all the potential customers can interact with your activities. This is the most reliable way for your consumers to act and interact with your company’s webpage and thus increases your potential consumer base over time. Even your ideas can propagate faster than ever creating viral and generating leads.

We also provides exclusive service for the Facebook API live stream. This enables the utilization of rich user friendly graphical content, embedded links and even user’s own content. All this is done from your site by the user once you have Facebook Connect integrated.